Push and Pull — Design Process

Perfecting every detail but keeping an eye on the big picture at the same time is an art few designers master. This is an approach to structure my design process in a way it benefits the creative process and therefore the final product.

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Form follows function — Horatio Greenough

This quote is very popular in the creative industry and shaped the way we think and prosecute design. Without a doubt form/design should never stand in the way of a products function neither should it act as decoration, but in todays age and with design focusing more and more on digital experiences we should go further:


Defining conditions, target groups and aims of the project. Collecting these specifications in a carefully put together briefing.


Developing a detailed concept, fitting custom needs and expectations. Setting the base for a successful implementation.

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inspired by GitHub — article on design-version-management to be done 💪


Designing and developing a quality solution for a great user experience.

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Designer & Code Enthusiast at Strichpunkt Design

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